Delivering cost savings and increased employee engagement for Heineken

July 24, 2019

Heineken is an Amsterdam-based global brewing company, committed to bringing enjoyment to consumers around the world. Heineken chose Capita for all its pensions-related services.

In conversation with: Janis Ireland, Pensions Governance and Operations Manager, Payroll, Heineken...

What are the three things a service provider has to have to make you want to do business with it?

We look for reputation, value for money, and the ability to react to changes in legislation and in technology. 

So what made you want to do business with Capita?

We decided to review providers, and Capita was one of four companies that we invited to tender. We went through a comprehensive process and negotiation, and Capita came up with everything we wanted. 

Having an outsourced provider helps us to focus on strategy, and it also mean that we don't have to carry out all the people policies with an in-house team. Capita deals with all things related to cyber security and data protection, so having it as our outsourced provider gives me peace of mind. 

How do you work with Capita?

Capita provides full administration services for our pension scheme, which has more than  
40,000 members. It is responsible for the payroll services and pays out more than £12 million in pensions every month. 

The digital pensions platform we have with Capita is Hartlink. This gives pensioners and deferred pensioners anytime access, allows changes to be made quickly, and enables them to run illustrations to see what retirement could look like. It's convenient for our members to have 24-hour access, especially those who work shifts in the breweries. 

Can you explain how Capita adds value to your business?

The added value we get from Capita is the extensive knowledge it has of the market. So, if we wanted to change something, it can give us the experience of what it's already done with other clients. That can sometimes also help to save costs, as it has already introduced it for someone else. It is also useful if there's been a change in legislation, because we get the team's technical input immediately and we can then communicate that to members. 

Tell us about a project that you've done with Capita that has gone particularly well.

When we moved to Capita in 2013, we were undergoing a data cleanse project. The previous administrator really struggled to action the project and that was one of the reasons we moved to Capita. 

Over the years there have been lots of different mergers and acquisitions, when the scheme has inherited different companies and different types of pension schemes, and its records have not been complete. So Capita had to rectify about 20,000 records, which was a huge project. The Capita team didn't accept what the previous administrator had done; they reprogrammed every calculation based on the rules and actually identified that some of the historical calculations from the previous administrator were incorrect. A lot of providers that take on new schemes don't go back to basics. 

Capita successful completed the data cleanse project, which means there is process automation, enabling  administration services to be delivered with minimal levels of risk. 

Can you tell us how your employees are benefitting from your partnership with Capita?

By using Capita, we have got greater employee engagement. Capita has introduced a member relations committee, and issues quarterly newsletters and member surveys so that we get regular employee feedback and can then act upon this. 

I feel that Capita is a safe pair of hands. We have a really complex benefits structure and the way that the team have picked up all the variances is excellent. The team fully understand this pension scheme, which is made up of lots of different components, and now, when pensions are processed, there are very few member queries. 

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