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The Digital Opportunity: Delivering better candidate experiences in the shift to a hybrid workforce

Capita People Solutions undertook comprehensive, independent research to uncover how digital is currently being deployed within recruitment in UK organisations and the drivers for greater technology adoption; the impact digital is having within talent acquisition and the opportunities that still exist; and the challenges encountered when looking to digitise their processes and drive better candidate engagement.

We also wanted to generate a picture of how recruitment must evolve over the next five to ten years as organisations move towards a hybrid workforce, using digital as a strategic lever to achieve an enhanced and seamless candidate experience.

We conducted interviews with 350 HR and recruitment professionals, 500 business leaders (board directors, senior directors and heads of departments) and 2,031 employees. All respondents worked for UK organisations with more than 100 employees and came from representative samples of industries and job roles/functions.

In this insights report, we share the findings including:

  • The ways in which organisations are currently using technology to improve the candidate experience
  • The level of experience organisations believe that candidates will expect across the recruitment process
  • The barriers/concerns organisations have about digitising the recruitment process
  • Organisations perception versus employees perception on what stages of the recruitment process should be driven by digital or humans
  • The potential growth we expect to see in the use of digital in recruitment and the route organisations favour most in deploying technology.
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