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How to Solve a Problem Like L&D

When we talk about Learning and Development, there are themes that crop up time and again. Attend any of the established industry events, or engage with the wider L&D community, and you'll hear about digital transformation, learning culture, and any number of debates about the latest tools and techniques.

But amongst all the noise, what are the emerging trends, common anxieties and challenges being presented to L&D – and crucially, how do we best position ourselves to tackle these?

Our latest piece of independent research seeks to effectively benchmark current and future attitudes to organisational learning – as well as uncover the internal and external factors that are impacting upon it.

Significantly, we didn't just ask L&D professionals for their opinions. We also spoke to business managers – the people responsible for assembling, managing and retaining teams, and whose success comes down to the skills and competencies of their talent.

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Compass Spring Issue 2019

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